Our mission

Create a unique marketplace to champion and support small businesses.

Our ethos

Believing in the passion and uniqueness of small business owners.

Our promise

To connect and grow local businesses for the benefit of the community

A year to remember

We launched as The Big Small Shop back in September 2019. What a year it has been! Watch the video to find out more…

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So, who’s behind the scenes?

Hello, my name is Darren. I have a wonderful business partner, also known as Charlie, my wife, and the boss.

Together, we have two beautiful boys, Bobby and Charlie. Yes, he’s Charlie too, named after Mum, I thought she did most of the work in bringing these boys into the world, so it was nice to be able to name one of them after her.

We grew up in a small Town in Oxfordshire, met at School, and well, the rest is history. Charlie – the older one – has a background in banking (Booooo). Myself, a background in managing a small family business, and that’s sort of how this all began.

Many local businesses offer great products, with a great service, at competitive prices, but at times that message is hard to get across to new customers. The ease and convenience of online shopping suits busy lifestyles which can make it difficult for small businesses. We wanted to create a platform that offered all the convenience of online shopping, whilst championing small businesses and connecting them to their community.

We added a small team of passionate people around us, who share our ethos, and appreciate the importance of buying locally.

Before any purchase just remember – Whatever you’re looking for, find it locally…

Thanks for being part of our journey