Our mission

Create a unique marketplace to champion and support small businesses.

Our ethos

Believing in the passion and uniqueness of small business owners.

Our promise

Connect and grow local businesses for the benefit of the community

Can you help Locally UK?

Here at Locally UK, we have just begun our expansion across the UK. If you feel like your community would benefit from working with us, please get in touch. If you share a passion for small independent businesses, speak to us about becoming an ambassador for your area.

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What is Locally UK?

From bricks and mortar retailers, tradespeople and service providers to crafters, makers and more, our platform champions your local businesses and enables everyone to buy locally. We launched Locally UK only a year ago in Wallingford, a small Market Town in Oxfordshire and also our home.

Friends we have worked with

We have been lucky enough to have worked with some fantastic local people, passionate about supporting independent businesses.

Meet the Directors

Founder of Locally UK. Married to the other Director (not Nick).

Co-founder of Locally UK. Yes, Wife to Darren. What a team?

Built locallyuk.com. Keyboard wizard (wand not required).

A message from our founder…

Hello, my name is Darren. I have a wonderful business partner, also known as Charlie, my wife, and the boss. Together, we have two beautiful boys, Bobby and Charlie. Yes, he’s Charlie too, named after Mum, I thought she did most of the work in bringing these boys into the world, so it was nice to be able to name one of them after her.

We grew up in a small Town in Oxfordshire, met at School, and well, the rest is history. Charlie – the older one – has a background in banking (booooo). Myself, a background in managing a small family business, and that’s sort of how this all began.

Many local businesses offer great products, with a great service, at competitive prices, but at times they still get forgotten. The ease and convenience of online shopping suits busy lifestyles which can make it difficult for small businesses to compete. We wanted to create a platform that offered all the convenience of online shopping, whilst championing small businesses and connecting them to their community.

We want to make sure our boys grow up in a society full of unique and diverse businesses, rather than turning to the online giants. The type where the owners know your name. That is what I am afraid they will miss out on.

If our platform can aid in the slightest toward the voice of the independent business owner, all the late nights have been worth it!

Before any purchase just remember – Whatever you’re looking for, find it locally…

Thanks for being part of our journey