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Dalefoot peat free, organic wool potting compost 30 litres

30 litres of peat free, organic general potting compost. This compost was made in the Lake District & uses the local Herdwick sheep wool in the compost. The wool retains the water in the compost unlike regular peat free composts which use coir (coconut). The compost also contains natural bracken which breaks down over 12 months so there is no need to feed the plants or bed. This compost can be used for potting or as an enriching topdressing for a bed or pot. We LOVE this compost & after lots of research & trials of peat free composts, this might be more expensive but is the best we have tried. We use it on all our plant stock on the nursery.

If you make a slash across the top of the Dalefoot compost bag, then we will happily have the bags back to reuse on the nursery and stop them going to landfill. Simply hold on to it and bring it back to us when you next visit the nursery.

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