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We help to ensure that your new driveway is designed to enhance your home, built from the finest materials available and engineered to last.

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Gravel Driveways are the perfect way to enhance your home

Gravel is a long standing classic and is still the material of choice for stately homes, country cottages and modern homes. We offer three kinds of gravel surface, in a range of colours to enhance your home and lifestyle. However, traditional gravel has several disadvantages. Wheelchair users, cyclists and pushchairs have a tendency to get stuck, and often the gravel becomes displaced if vehicles are driven over it regularly – a hazard for others. After some time the displaced gravel results in unsightly pits, ruts and puddles and of course, it cannot be used if your driveway is on an incline. It also has a tendency to quickly look untidy as weeds push up through the gravel, giving your driveway an unkempt appearance.

Introducing GravelGrip

The revolutionary new gravel driveway that stays beautiful, avoiding all the common disadvantages

A GravelGrip driveway looks, feels and sounds like a traditional gravel driveway. It has that organic, textured look that gives gravel its charm, but it has two major advantages over traditional gravel:

1. The gravel stays where it’s put. You won’t have to rake it back into place, pull out weeds, or have it topped up every year.

2. You can walk, ride and drive over it easily. Due to the system’s unique construction, the gravel doesn’t move or sink when you put pressure on it.

Enjoy a huge range of styles with our Block Paved driveways

Over the last 30 years block paving has become the most popular choice for driveways and paths, due to its durability and the huge range of styles and materials available.

We offer three kinds of block in two thicknesses and 14 colours, and the patterns we can create are almost infinite – so you have a great deal of choice! But don’t worry – our designers will work closely with you to create the perfect drive for your home.

We offer permeable alternatives across most of our driveways

We fully comply with current regulations on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Our permeable paving combines traditional durability with the ability to control storm water at source and prevent harmful pollutants from being released into sewers and natural watercourses. All our gravel and block options comply with current legislation.


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A beautiful driveway leads to a beautiful home.  We offer gravel driveways, block paved driveways and permeable driveways, but don’t worry if you’re not…