Free-range Chicken Thighs (approx. 500g)

About our chickens: 

Quite different to a ‘normal’ supermarket chicken, our traditional free-range ‘Hubbard’ chickens are reared by hand from day old until they reach full maturity at around 12 weeks. They are dry-plucked by hand on the farm (zero-food miles) and hung for several days to develop flavour and tenderness. This is a real good old fashioned chicken, full of flavour.  We guarantee you will love it or your money back!

About D’Oyleys Farm:

A regenerative farm – D’Oyleys Farm is set in South Oxfordshire along the River Thame. We are embracing regenerative farming practices which seek to improve the health of the soil whilst reducing the carbon footprint of our meat. This sustainable approach conserves wildlife and ensures that we can continue to produce food for future generations.


High quality meat – We are committed to selling the highest quality food to our local community. Taste matters, and we believe the tastiest meat comes from animals who are free to roam and graze pasture outside as nature intended. 


Simple, safe delivery/collection – All of our products can be delivered straight to your door or collected directly from our farm shop in Stadhampton.  Our ‘pop-up shop’ is open from 10am to 2pm every Saturday; outside those times you can ‘click and collect’ and your order will be prepared and left for you in the shop.  Alternatively we offer an affordable delivery service through Locally UK.

Shipping Countries: United Kingdom (UK)


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Set in beautiful South Oxfordshire, D’Oyleys Farm has been worked by the White family for three generations. The family are…