POS Systems

You may be upgrading your hardware, or just moving away from your existing provider to reduce costs. There are three ways you could go.

Integrated  Solutions

An integrated POS system is most useful for large retailers or businesses that have more than one point of sale, or has multiple sites from which they operate. Integrations may be between desktop card payment machines, portable card machines or mobile card terminals.

Standalone Solutions

This POS system may best suit a medium sized business looking for a robust yet simple system for customer transactions in the form of desktop card machines. Portable card terminals can be added in time.

Software Only

If you’re comfortable using your current POS system hardware, but are looking for an upgrade of the software, this is the solution for you. This option may suit a small business where space and cost are a challenge.

You’ve made the decision to change your POS system and settled on a solution that works for your business. Your next step is to call UK Business Buddy on 0800 0461804 and arrange to make the move. While you’re at it, you might as well get a free cost comparison for your payment card transactions too. The chances are you’re paying more than necessary for your merchant services. That’s why we include a free comparison for all. We invite you to share your latest statement with us to get a full breakdown of the savings you could make.


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