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Merchant services that make you smile

Merchant services can be defined as financial services intended for use by a business. This includes your contactless payment solutions, from card payment hardware to how much you pay your provider for each customer transaction, and business funding.

Most small and medium business owners don’t have time to compare their merchant services every month to ensure they are getting the best deal, rather they tend to operate on trust. You took the best advice at the time, from a trusted source and got a great deal and you trust that shouldn’t change over time.

However, that deal may not be so great now. There are other providers on the market that can reduce the cost of your merchant services every month.

UK Business Buddy has access to these alternative providers and offers a free cost comparison for your business to see just how much you could save. There are three ways to benefit...

Three reasons to smile with UK Business Buddy

1. We save you money

Simply put, we are experts in sourcing alternatives to your existing merchant services which will reduce the cost to your business. Our clients regularly save thousands of pounds every month that they have then put back into their business, for growth or for better life balance.

2. We save you time

After an initial meeting with our representative, we will understand exactly what you want to achieve from our services. We then do all the work for you, sourcing the best merchant services providers that can help get you there. You won’t need to spend time researching the solutions yourself, you just need to concentrate on what you do best, while we do our bit.

3. We help your business grow

We are passionate about helping small businesses grow. We give you honest and friendly advice on cost reduction and work closely with numerous complementary businesses that can help you develop. What would you do with some extra cash every month?

Where next?

Whether you want to save on your monthly outgoings with our card payment solutions, are looking for new POS solutions, or you’re investigating how to fund a growth project with business funding, we invite you to take a moment to view our services and see if we can make you smile.

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