About Winterbrook Garden Nurseries

Our Background Winterbrook Garden Nurseries has been owned by my dad, John Cottrell for over 30 years. Although the site has been rented to different tenants over the years in 2019 he decided to take the nursery back over after it fell into disrepair.  We now run the site together around his full time landscaping business, opening during the week & at weekends. We wanted to keep the feel of a traditional plant nursery but take it in a new direction with the addition of quirky garden antiques & my gifts for sale too. We are trying to run the nursery as sustainably as we can & are one of the first nurseries in the UK to use Posipots which are a cardboard alternative to traditional plastic plant pots. We only use & sell peat free compost, we water our plants using harvested rainwater & we provide electronic plant labels online to download so no plastic has be used or paper wasted.