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Locally UK. Websites and Digital support for small business.
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"Locally UK just get it! We've championed independent businesses for years, and it's so refreshing to find people in the digital industry that share our ethos and actually do help independent businesses. What a great team!"

Sarah Hamilton - Founder of Just a Card

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Why choose Locally UK?

Why Locally UK?

We love nothing more than helping independent businesses thrive. We've worked with 100's of independent businesses, and even owned a High Street store ourselves - so we get it! We know that when you need support - you need it now! We're friendly, approachable, experienced and with you every step of the way.

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We design and build great websites to suit all budgets...

We understand how vital your website is to the success of your business. A brilliant website is your window to the world. From single page websites for sole traders, to large e-commerce stores processing 1,000's of orders - we build fast, functional and delightful websites to showcase your business without breaking the bank.

We build great websites.
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Wordpress Support and Maintenance

We provide enterprise level Wordpress support...

Wordpress is a powerful platform, but let's be honest - it's not the easiest to maintain. We will fix, maintain and securely host your Wordpress website - with 24/7 support and unlimited website tasks. Total peace of mind with no shock bills at the end of the month.

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We provide digital support for businesses of all shapes and sizes...

We know how reassuring it is to have someone on the end of the phone or computer when you need them. Register today and we'll be your digital support team for fixes, advice and guidance every minute, of every day. Get total peace of mind for your business in just a few clicks.

Free Digital Support
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We manage PPC and Social Media

We manage and optimise SEO, PPC and social media...

We know your business is wonderfully unique - and that's something to be proud of! We help drive more traffic to your website by optimising your digital advertising and managing your social media accounts. Let us help tell your story to the world!

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Darren and Charlie. Founders of Locally UK.

A tale of passion...

(for independent businesses)

Having run small retail businesses for over 20 years, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with "the big boys". They had access to digital tools that generated new customers for fun and made their lives easier - and we felt we might get left behind. We were frustrated, so decided to do something about it...

Get a free digital health report!

We'll take a quick look at your digital presence and report back with 3 key actions that could help your business thrive. For FREE!

Free Digital Health Report.
Product Development as a Service (PDaaS).

A framework to success...

For larger projects and tender applications, we approach tasks under our Product Development as a Service (PDaaS) framework. This enables us to deliver digital solutions quickly, efficiently and on budget. Talk to us to find out more.

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Charlie from Locally UK

Hi 👋. I'm Charlie - Founder of Locally UK...

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Charlie from Locally UK

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Affordable Wordpress maintenance services for total peace of mind...

Quick Fixes, Hosting, Maintenance and Support at your fingertips. We built to give you the ultimate Wordpress package, for less than your daily coffee ☕️.

Wordpress Support and Maintenance
Wordpress Support Platform.

Wordpress support made accessible to all...

Wordpress is one of the biggest platforms to build on, powering over 43% of the world's websites 🤯. With so many businesses being reliant on Wordpress, it made sense to build a dedicated hosting and support platform. We keep your site secure and up-to-date, with our team available 24/7 to make any changes or fixes you need. Take the stress out of managing your Wordpress website.

Free access to digital support for SMBs. It's the least we could do...

Sometimes you just want some advice, or to be pointed in the right direction. That shouldn't cost the earth 🌍. Enter your email address below to get FREE access to our SMB support platform.

Free Digital Support Platform for SMBs.
Free Digital Support for all SMBs.

Digital doesn't have to be daunting...

We want to help small(er), independent businesses where we can. Our platform enables you to open a support ticket and get help or advice from our team. Enter your email above and we'll send you an activation link to get started (don't forget to check your spam) . No catch. Just good, honest advice.

Your business is unique. Why should our offer to you be any different...

We won't put you in a box 📦. You tell us your needs, or where your struggles are, and we'll deliver a feasible solution to suit your budget. No long term contracts - we make it easy to join, and just as easy to leave (although we hope you never will).

We manage PPC and Social Media
Why choose Locally UK?

Tailor made support to suit you and your business.

We don't like the "one size fits all" approach. Your needs will be totally different to the next, as will your budget. We have clients getting support for as little as £25 per month, and others on bespoke packages upwards of £10k per month. All as important to us. All totally unique. Get in touch - what have you got to lose?

We've stayed true to our roots by supporting small(er) businesses .

How we went from owning a High Street retail store to a small digital agency building the largest independent business directory in the UK.

You know our story - tell us yours!

About us at Locally UK.

Having run small retail businesses for over 20 years, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with "the big boys". They had access to digital tools that generated new customers for fun and made their lives easier - and we simply felt lost 🧭.We were frustrated, so decided to do something about it.We took our business online - and that opened up a whole new can of worms. While we picked up new customers, people who said they had never heard of us before, it was a whole new skill set that none of our team really had. We soon realised it was just as difficult getting people to our website as it was through the front door. Hmmmm....

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So, there were a good few independent businesses around us, all struggling with the same issues. What if we could combine all these small businesses to become a super-powered beast 🧸(or something close)? We hatched (do beasts hatch?) a plan to build an independent marketplace - where small businesses could trade in unison online and get the exposure they so rightly deserved.Behold...... The Big Small Shop. Tragic name looking back 🤦. We thought "do your big shop, with small shops", but people would say "big little shop", "little big shop".Anyway, when the pandemic broke in 2020, the name really didn't matter. We had been trading a few months so were well poised to keep small businesses open during lockdown. There was nothing more rewarding than knowing our little idea was supporting so many local businesses and the community.

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The only place to get toilet paper and pasta? The Big Small Shop - and all from local businesses. Small businesses rallied for their communities during lockdown, and were finally getting the recognition they deserved 💪. We were chuffed to be a part of it. Our little Wordpress website, built by one local guy, was causing a stir.From a tech side however, it was struggling, and we had no idea what we were doing. We were literally flying by the seat of our pants 🩲. We had to learn quickly, and were lucky that we found some super talented people that shared our ethos, and wanted to help.On came the rebrand - we were now Locally UK. A new custom website. A revived purpose.

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With Locally UK now in full swing, and able to handle the technical pressure, we met the wonderful Sarah Hamilton - founder of the Just a Card campaign. This campaign aligned with us perfectly. Sarah had been shouting from the rooftops about the importance of supporting local, independent businesses for years - and we knew we had to work with them.We sponsored the Just a Card Indie Week campaign - a colourful alternative to Black Friday (the original alternative campaign 😉) and continued to gain exposure for small businesses across the country."Hi, this is Lexy from The Guardian...." - yeah right. Call me back. And she did (turns out it was legit, not just some scam caller). We couldn't believe it! The Guardian wanted to write a piece on Locally UK 🤯. And they ran it.

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The article featured a quote from Andrew Goodacre - CEO of The British Independent Retailers Association. He said they were looking at creating a similar platform for their 4,000+ members.S**T. Was our first thought. They had the scale to blow us out of the water. But what if (and it was a big IF, we were just a little company that started on the bedside table 😳) we could work with them to build it?A quick message to Andrew on LinkedIn to tell him a bit about us, and not only did he respond, but he put us in touch with Jeff - the Commercial Director of BIRA (these guys had been supporting independent businesses for over 100 years. The association, not the people). We had a great chat with Jeff, who asked us to send him a proposal.We were pitching against global tech giants to build the platform 🌍. We didn't just run an independent marketplace anymore - we were a tech team!

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We did it. We actually did it 🎉. Within a few hours of sending our proposal, Jeff was on the phone to discuss the project in more detail, and over the next few months we created Neartoo - the UK's largest independent directory with over 350,000 businesses.We could now design, build, optimise and support in a way we never anticipated when we launched The Big Small Shop. And it was by sticking to our roots that made it all possible - so that is how we intend to continue.We are happily small tech ✌️. No Venture Capital or investors. We are customer funded and proudly bootstrapped - so we only answer to you (and the kids, obviously). Tech is so valuable to small business owners, but we know better than most that it's daunting as hell, too. Fear not, Locally UK is here 🦸Wow - you stuck it out 'till the end. Let us buy you a coffee...

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