About Breathe360

Hello my name is Tamara and I am the creator of Breathe360. We all experience times in our lives where we are unable to show up how we would like to. In your life this may present itself as headaches, mood swings, chronic pain, low energy, anxiety, and a range of medical conditions and you may not know where to turn to. The standard protocol to be taking a pill – which may well reduce your unwanted symptoms temporarily, but may not offer you the long term health solution that you desire. This is what happened to me. At the age of 19, I was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in a number of operations and bagfuls of pills for 5 years. It wasn’t until I requested the removal of the metalwork from my spine and stopped all medication that my symptoms really started to show up. After years of research, studying and experiencing many different alternative treatments and conventional consultations, many with misdiagnosis that my journey to wellness really started.  This showed up as learning how to activate my body’s own healing ability by reenergising my system naturally from the inside out. I created Breathe360 out of my own passion to share this healing and it is a continual Journey of mine, that has turned into a daily lifestyle and extension of me, that now not only supports me, but also my little family tribe. I want to help you get back your health back, your energy back and your life back like I did mine. And todays life is super challenging.  We are in constant need to rebalance ourselves. I deliver tailored personal health coaching programmes that help you to realise your health potential, zumba dance fitness classes for women to motivate your mind and exercise your body, retreats to help you begin your journey, unlock your health and focus on you with an opportunity to “build your own”.  There is even a wellness shop that showcases a range of natural products that have been individually sourced, tried and tested, by me, to help support your optimal health and wellbeing.   I have to go now, but I really look forward to hearing from you and teaching you some incredible self-help toolkits that are going to help you for life!

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